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About Us


Hello from Steven and Ashley!

Join us on our very own adventure in tiny living and modern homesteading! When we began this endeavor, we agreed that our philosophy should be a simple one: That our legacy and impact should far outweigh our footprint. That philosophy is the driving force behind the evolution of our plans at the Hundred Acre Wood.  Nestled in the southwestern portion of the Cumberland Plateau in Alabama, this 100-acre site features diverse terrain, fauna, and flora unique to the region.

We've just begun construction on the Minimum Falcon, our planned ~900sqft off-grid ICF Homestead. We hope you'll follow our adventure as we undertake not only the building project, but our long-term goal of establishing the Hundred Acre Wood as an educational destination for sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Along the way we'll tell you what finally made us take the plunge, and about the changes we're making in our lives to adapt. We'll also give you all the technical details, financial analyses, site requirements, build plans, utility considerations, and probably more Star Wars jokes than you can stand.


Hundred Acre Wood: The property we purchased and where we will build our tiny home. This is one of the very few non-Star Wars references you'll find here.

Minimum Falcon: This ~900 sqft home is an ICF-construction of a  roughly 500sqft apartment and 400sqft library/utility. This will be 100% off-grid.

Smallderaan: The fictional town containing the Hundred Acre Wood.

Duprass Falls: The highlight of the Hundred Acre Wood, and one of the other few non-SW references. From Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, a duprass describes two people who are so bound together that no one can invade their union. This is also the root word of our sailboat "Dupracity."

Steven - The Engineer

Steven is an electrical engineer at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and a mad robot-army-building scientist in the making. An outdoors enthusiast by nature, he also enjoys rebuilding and saving treasures from the scrap-yard - including fully restoring an abandoned sailboat named "Dupracity." 

Follow Steven's posts for considerations regarding technical specifications and build processes.

Ashley - The Dreamer

Ashley is the author of young adult fantasy Dreams of Chaos series. When not writing, reviewing, or burying her nose in one of her well-worn Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman novels, you'll find her alongside Steven in the woods or on Dupracity. She's also a contractor at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. 

Follow Ashley's posts for considerations of Tiny Living as a Lifestyle.

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